Flower standard

Flower standard is a standard protection against theft, murder, rape and other abnormal behavior. It works as follows:

Human fears two kinds of things:

1. Violence
2. Light

The first one is obvious. Fear of light works as follows:

When someone approaches us with friendship, unconditional understanding, we fear them. We do not understand their behavior and fear the unknown.

What we fear, in fact, is obvious. We fear hurting the light. If we do, we will suffer because of self-judgement.

We can protect ourselves against crime by being a light, i.e, whatever we see, accepting it and saying "it may happen to anybody", as if we were best friends. Using this method, you may be better protected because you do not provoke nor demoralize and others will fear the light of friendship. Note also that, one would not steal, kill, rape or behave abnormally because they would not risk punishment. They certainly have another problem.

If you choose this protection, embed a Flower sign in your documents, fabricate stickers and protect your belongings and yourself. The Flower sign will indicate others how your documents, belongings and you are protected.

Flower-standard 2012